3rd Party and Consumer Reviews: Bug Off® Instant Screen vs. Cheaper Imitations

When it’s nice outside, we love to open our doors and let the cool breeze in—except for the bugs. You could install a traditional screen door but that can be expensive and damage your doorjamb. Bug Off Instant Screen Door is an affordable, high quality solution. Made out of soft, pliable mesh, Bug Off Screen is a frameless, screen curtain that installs on a spring tension rod inside the doorjamb. It can be installed in about 5 minutes without tools, and uses high energy magnets sewn into the center and bottom to provide hands-free entry and exit to both people and pets. Bug Off Instant Screen started the “instant screen” industry and today there are several copycat products on the market. But are the copies as good as the original? In the 3rd party YouTube review above “Epic Guys” compared Bug Off Screen to Magic Mesh and Bug Off Screen was a clear winner in quality, performance and appearance.

The Customer Reviews Are In

In over 1000 0nline reviews, Bug Off received 4 out of 5 stars. The copycats averaged 2 to3 stars. Most consumers adding their reviews to merchant sites say the major difference between Bug Off Screen and the competitors like Magic Mesh, Jobar Instant Screen, Magna Mesh and the others from China, is quality and durability.

Cheaply Made Imitations

Most buyers comment that the copycat screens are made of inferior mesh that rips easily and weak magnets and fasteners that do not work well and fall off. Reviewers comment that Bug Off Screen is made out of “high-quality mesh” and “the magnets work like they are supposed to” and are “sewn onto the screen so they won’t fall off”.

Bug Off Screen doors are made with USA mesh and USA high-energy magnets. The cheaper instant screens are made in China with substandard mesh and magnets. In fact, many of these imitations like Magic Mesh are not made with real screen mesh at all, but a thin netting material. Consumers complain “the screen ripped the first day” and “magnets are weak and fell off before installing.” Critics point out the hook and loop strips used to hang the screen at the top of the doorjamb, “are too weak to hold the screen for more than a few hours”. Bug Off Screen installs in the doorjamb with a strong, but lightweight spring tension rod that looks and works better than hook and loop fasteners.

Hidden Costs

Some of these copycats use misleading advertising and TV commercials. Reviewers have complained of “double billing” and “as seen on TV gimmicks” forcing them to buy 2-for-the-price-of-1 with additional “shipping charges that cost as much as the product”, even if they don’t want the 2nd item. Other buyers have been duped into paying more to upgrade their order for “so called higher quality mesh” which “ripped in days” after arriving. “So much for saving money,” said one reviewer. Ultimately customers pay more to replace these products.

In the final analysis, Bug Off Screen continues to be the consumer’s top choice and is rated the best quality instant screen on the market. It’s available in the most sizes, is easy to use, simple to install and effective in keeping out insects.

About Bug Off Screens:

Bug Off Screen started the "instant screen" industry more than 20 years ago and continues to be the leader in quality and customer service. Today Bug Off Screen is manufactured in14 standard sizes and custom sizes for single doors, French Doors and sliding glass doors. More than a million Bug Off Screens have been sold worldwide.


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